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About SARA

Sara is a practicing medium in Central Texas and the founder of MetaphysicalU. She is known for her work with The Night Owl - True Ghost Stories.

While developing her mediumship practice, Sara required guidance that was often difficult to attain. She came across so many misconceptions about metaphysical abilities and how to develop them, as well as mentors and classes that only shared limited knowledge with an expensive price tag.


"As a child, I struggled to believe the metaphysical world was real, and I dismissed most of the encounters I received; however, in adulthood, the world of spirit refused to be ignored.


With the support of my family, I met a group of individuals who understood what I was going through and put me on the path of growth and acceptance.  I want to share the knowledge I gained not only to provide a safe and supportive community to learn with but also to help those discover the Source within.

The MPU core is that the stronger our relationship with the Source, the better we connect to self and others, and the better we are in life. 


Once you find your Source, keep going.

Love & Light"



Note: Sara does this part-time. Please be patient with scheduling. 

Mon, Wed, Fri 6 PM-10 PM CST (Chicago)

Sat 9 AM - 5 PM CST (Chicago)

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Certifications & Knowledge: AccessBars, Chakra Healing, Sound Healing, Cognitive Therapy, Meditation, and Astral projection. Life Purpose Coaching, Ordained Minister.

Learning to Master: Tarot, Entity Communication, Source Connection, Quantum Healing & Connection, Aura, Mastering Self


Sara R. Reeves

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