I am  a practicing medium in Central Texas and the founder of Metaphysicalu, I am also known for my work with The Night Owl Podcast.


As a child, I struggled with believing if the the spirit world was real and I dismissed most of the encounters I had the majority of my childhood. In adulthood that the world of spirit refused to be ignored. With the support of family I met a group of individuals who understood what I was going through, and put me on the path of growth and acceptance. 

While developing my metaphysical practice, I required guidance that was often difficult to attain. I came across so many misconceptions of what metaphysical abilities are, how to develop them, or mentors and classes that only shared limited knowledge with an expensive price tag.


Sara wanted to share the knowledge she gained not only to provide a safe platform for others to learn, but to also help those who do not have the ability but seek the comfort and advice from the spiritual beings that help us along the way. 

The core of who we are is important. The stronger you are in your source, the better you are in life. This is also true in the metaphysical. One you find your source, keep going.

Love & Light


Sara R. Reeves