The core of Metaphysicalu is to provide the basics of metaphysical knowledge to those who are discovering or growing their abilities. 

There are two opportunities for mentorship:



The mentorship program provides one on one knowledge share, and group work. The goal is to develop good foundational elements for your daily metaphysical practice. 


As a medium, psychic, healer, energy worker, ritual worker the foundation in all metaphysical practice is the same:


  • Acceptance

  • Concur Fear

  • Commit

  • Listen

  • Communicate

  • Share


MPU Community

Public and open to anyone who needs support.

Join any of these communities or all. It’s up to you.​


  • Facebook Group: Practitioners In Training (PIT) is organized by Sara Reeves and gives a format to share and or request help from Sara or others in the metaphysical community. This is a private FB group so be sure to friend Sara R. Reeves.

  • Slack this peer community organized by Meg Blohm.  This community is to hang out with like minded spirits, swap stories, and put into practice what you are learning. All are at different levels and have different talents. Learn from each other, build friendships, and share without judgement.

  • Catch-up is a weekly online meet-up organized by Sara Reeves. Enjoy catching up with other practitioners in training.  This often introduces fun games that will inspire you to keep learning.

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